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Fresh Start teams with local artist Kate Emery to auction paintings benefiting Fresh Start Pallet Products.

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Fresh Start
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Life presents both triumphs and adversity. Some face challenges they
alone cannot overcome. For these individuals, we offer the opportunity for a “Fresh Start.” We provide meaningful work to enable people in desperate need to lift themselves up, choose life, and become productive and contributing members of society. 
In the process of “rebuilding” themselves,
they are, in turn, building furniture.

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Learn more about the "Fresh Start Pallet Products" story.
From remarkable beginnings in a church backyard, through
the basement phase at another church, and now in our fully
outfitted factory setting where everything happens today.


Our 3 C's

Our skilled staff include people recovering from the challenges of addiction, poverty, other life challenges, as well as recent refugees from war torn countries. See our Core Products, our Unique Custom designs, and some of the impressive Contract work we are doing
   in the Hartford area. Support our efforts and help change a life! 


Core Products

Chairs, Benches, Arbors, Mirrors, Stools, Custom Painted works, and much more!


Custom Designs

Tables, Bars, Desks


Contract Work

Parkville Project, Klotter Farms


Have an idea for a custom product?

We can do it.

Fill out this form and send it to us at

or call us at 860.266.5726 to walk us 

through it. We are looking forward to 

getting started on your idea!

500 million pallets

are produced a year in the United States.

Nearly 2 billion wooden pallets are currently in circulation. This consumes an estimated 50 percent

of the country’s annual hardwood harvest and is equivalent to 7.6 billion board feet of lumber.

That’s enough wood to cover an area

10 times the size of New York City.


326 million pallets

were resold as pallets. Fresh Start uses a variety of different pallets and also uses all waste that is created in the building process. The nails and screws that come out of the pallets are collected in buckets and given to a company for further use. We collect the sawdust and chips from our construction, bag it, and provide the bags to community gardens for use as  mulch. We also collect pieces of wasted wood in our building process and cut them to a size suitable for fire pits and fire places. 

since 2015

More than $110,000 of furniture made from pallets has been designed, built or commissioned from Fresh Start Pallet Products.


22 and counting...

Fresh Start has afforded the renewal of spirit and purpose to 22 individuals since inception, enabling them to rebuild their lives and build quality furniture. Each piece is carefully crafted and all proceeds go back to provide more individuals the opportunity to work at rebuilding their lives.

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