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Colin Green Comes to Fresh Start

October 12, 2021

Colin Green began his life in woodworking more than a decade ago when he trained as a luthier and worked at Fender’s USA Northeast custom shop (formerly Kaman/Ovation) in New Hartford. He did this days, while restoring antique furniture at night, after work. His hobby was woodcarving, all wood all the time. As he became more proficient, he felt a desire to teach what he was learning, but didn’t know where to turn. So when Fresh Start Board member, Dave Elovich’s wife mentioned to Colin’s wife the need for a shop supervisor at Fresh Start, the connection was made. Fresh Start was looking to start with a part time supervisor, and that Colin was looking for a flexible opportunity was icing on the cake. He brings a gentle demeanor as well as his wealth of knowledge, and both the more experienced workers and the new trainees are excited to be working with him.

We welcome Colin to the Fresh Start Family.

Fresh Start Pallet Products is a 501c3 non-profit based in Hartford, Connecticut. Fresh Start provides people the opportunity to rebuild themselves, their lives and in turn build high quality furniture and more for their customers.

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