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Welcome to the first edition of Shop Snippets, a periodic update on our work at Fresh Start.

We continue to prevent COVID-19 from infecting our shop by constantly monitoring temperatures and oxygen levels. We continue to maintain social distancing and to require masks, even though distancing can be a challenge when running some of the machinery.

We’re getting more orders for custom and contract work. Here are some examples:

• Raised garden beds for the Town of Manchester

• Custom bookcases for Rex Fowler and Rich Carman

• Display tables for Elizabeth Park

• Tables and chairs for the Swift Factory.

Those kinds of orders generate revenue and constitute new opportunities for training and creativity.

With spring on the way, we’re anticipating more orders for outdoor furniture. We’ve already begun to replenish our inventory, and we’re planning to create a line of stock indoor and outdoor garden beds.

Finally (for now), we continue to develop the Fresh Start Academy, a program through which we’ll formalize carpentry-skills training for new members of the Fresh Start community and beyond. Toward that end, we’re purchasing additional equipment, negotiating with new partners, and looking to increase the number of people who can seek employment outside of Fresh Start.

[another image, perhaps of people training, would be good here]

If you have questions or comments about Shop Snippets, about Fresh Start in general, or about any of our initiatives, please feel free to call Rich Carman at (860) 803-7121 - or email Rich at

Until next time, be safe and be well.

The Fresh Start Crew


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