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Today is an important day in the history of Fresh Start Pallet Products

The training arm of this organization, FRESH START ACADEMY is awarding Certificates of Completion to the first trainees who have satisfactorily completed eight modules of classroom and hands on practical activity in the well equipped woodworking shop in Veeder Place in Hartford.

The Fresh Start Motto is “Building Furniture-Rebuilding Lives”. The two trainees receiving certificates today, Hussen Mohammed and Ruben Vasquez have now improved their opportunities for future employment in industry, rebuilding one aspect of their lives.

At the awards ceremony, Fresh Start Chairman, Warren M. Boley Jr. said,“ We are exceptionally proud of Hussen and Ruben. Not only were they breaking new ground at Fresh Start, they were model students in learning technical skills. They also enthusiastically embraced the important elements of personal growth and development. Their enthusiasm was contagious”.

Fresh Start recently learned that they are eligible for federal job training and work readiness funds and their leadership is pursuing other grant opportunities to assure the continuation of this critical initiative.

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