Rebuilding Lives

Fresh Start was formally established in 2015

with roots dating back to 2013.


One day a volunteer at Grace Lutheran Church in the Asylum Hill section of Hartford, Connecticut noticed people in the community were being ticketed for loitering. They were targeted because of

as speaking with one another on the sidewalks surrounding the church.

The volunteer asked a local carpenter if he would be willing to build some benches so that people could sit on church property without being disturbed. They walked around the church to see where the benches might be positioned and noticed across the street a pile of used wood pallets as an apartment building was replacing furniture and appliances.

They smiled at each other saying, “There is the wood!”

Fresh Start was born. 


Our Mission

Life requires resilience. Fresh Start provides people the opportunity

to rebuild themselves, their lives, and in turn build high quality furniture

and more for our customers.




Small scale, large scale personal or boutique our master craftsmen will personalize your product.


Making a 


Fresh Start always brings its mission back to helping people. In addition to this vocation we also strive to improve our community and environment.  



We have worked across

many industries and contributed in a variety of projects. We work with your vision to make

it happen.


Team Work


Our skilled workers each bring their own expertise to the shop. In coming together they create and excel as a team.


Our Impact

Fresh Start restores choice to our workers. Our intent is to establish a rolling advancement program for employees where they progress from

craftsman-in-training, to craftsman and ultimately master craftsmen. 

Your donation directly impacts our
operation and workers.